Our skilled design team members share a total of over 100 years of experience combined. We have designed and manufactured everything from simplified home owner additions to multi-million dollar projects. Using state of the art software such as MiTek Sapphire Structure and MiTek Engineering, our design team has the skills necessary for handling your most complex designs and work endlessly to get your projects submitted for city approvals on time.


Wooden trusses and their design are limited only by the imagination of the design professional. Used for both residential and multi-family projects, wooden trusses offer great flexibility to your plan’s layout as well as providing your structure with reliable durability. We utilize truss to truss and truss to beam hardware from Simpson Strong Tie & USP Connectors for all of our projects. Wooden trusses are the most cost-efficient option over other conventional framing methods and are ready for fast and easy installation as soon as they are delivered.

ROOF TRUSSES can be produced in all different shapes and dimensions. Wood roof trusses evenly distribute weight to reduce the need for interior load bearing walls. Because of their versatility, we are capable of designing your roof trusses to match your structures architectural style as well as work with your customized design in order to meet your projects requirements and standards. From basic trusses to kingpost, scissors, cathedral, attic or even the most complicated custom trusses, we have done it all.

FLOOR TRUSSES make it possible to save time and cost in lieu of conventional framing methods such as joist construction. Available in a variety of depths, our floor trusses provide a greater span distance in order to resist higher loads from above. The wide orientation allows for a generous nailing surface while the open web design provides space for mechanical services such as HVAC, plumbing and electrical runs.  We work closely with our customers in order to build what they envision while reducing time and cost.


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